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Forensics Training

Benefits of Forensic Training:

Computer forensics is the application of computer investigation techniques to determine potential legal evidence which can be used by corporate or legal agencies.

The goal of computer forensics is to do a structured investigation and find out exactly what occurred on a digital system and most importantly; who was responsible for it after or during a security breach or event.

Evidence sought can reside in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but not limited to theft of trade secrets as well as the theft of or destruction of intellectual property, including fraud. Our forensic specialists can draw on an array of technologies and techniques for discovering data that resides in a computer file system, or recovering deleted, encrypted, or file information that has been damaged. Information that is gathered is critical during discovery, depositions, or actual litigation and must be handled ethically and with due diligence.

There are essentially three phases for recovering evidence from a computer system or storage medium after a security event. Those phases are: Acquire, Analyze, and Report. The results of reports of forensic investigations are usually used in criminal proceedings.