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Unix, Linux and Perl Trainnig

Unix Training:

Knowing 'unix' in general will prepare you for working with most flavours of Unix through our Unix training courses.

As you progress in learning the systems, you will begin to notice differences in each flavour. These will range from proprietary utilities designed to make administration more manageable, to location of files and directories, to additional utilities for day to day use.

Unix is a powerful tool and is found in almost every large company today. Because of the power and flexibility of Unix, combined with serveral free versions, Unix is rapidly finding itself running as company web and mail servers. Knowing Unix will be a valuable job skill, and a great way to learn computers more in depth.

Linux Training:

Our range of Linux training includes a broad portfolio of official Novell courses covering administration, security and network services.

Perl Training:

We haverecently launched two unique Perl programming courses specifically designed for professional Perl programmers. Gain the latest Perl skills in an intensive one-day learning experience. Perl 5 Object Oriented Programming is an intensive Perl Object Orientation skills extension course. Alternatively, attend Using the Perl DBI Module course to extend you Perl Database skills.

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